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What is Aromatherapy
What are Essential Oils
How to use Essential Oils
Safety with Essential Oils



How to Use Essential Oils


  • One of the most comforting way to use pure essential oils. Oils blended in carrier oils such as our 10% blends in jojoba are ready to be used directly on the skin at perfume points or under the nose, on the heart chakra or all chakras, onto the belly and down to the soles of the feet!


  • 2 drops after the tub is filled, so the heat will not evaporate the oils before you get there.
  • 2 drops into 10ml of Pure Bath Oil, Pure Body Wash, Bath Salts. Add oils to cream, milk or honey to create a comforting, aromatic skin softening milk bath. Now that’s a bath!


  • 2 drops into 10ml of an unscented body lotion or Pure Body Oil. Adjust your lotion to match your mood.


  • 2-4 drops in a basin of warm water, soak compress, wring out and apply to that part of your body that needs attention. So very comforting.


  • 6-8 drops in a burner or diffuser full of hot water. Try our Happy Home, Citrus Kiss or Fresh diffuser blends. Be safe the with tea-lite candle!





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What is Aromatherapy
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