Learn how our Pure Potent WOW! Dots give more information about the incredible ingredients we use and how these ingredients are grown, harvested, or sourced.

Certified Organic & Wild Crafted
Holiday Blends

NEW! This year we are introducing our Certified Organic Candy Cane Blend to our line of Holiday Diffuser Blends! Fill the home with the sweet & delicious scent of Candy Canes!

Additionally, welcome the holiday spirit with these other festive blends, featuring Holiday Spice, Merry Mint, O Christmas Tree, and Winter Warmth.


There are not enough words to express our Appreciation, Gratitude and Joy to every single Heart & Soul who believes in and trusts in, the quality of the pure essential oils contained in our little bottles of Pure Potent WOW!

Lavender Fields in Provence, 2001

The Pure Potent WOW! Farm,
Naramata Bench, 2022

Who Are We NOW
at Pure Potent WOW

There are many ways to pursue the quality of WOW! in this lifetime… and one way is in our commitment, our quest, to provide the finest superior therapeutic-quality essential oils and body and bath care products your nose will ever know!

Absolutely 100% pure, our intent is to “WOW” our customers one nose at a time! You will smell the difference when you open a bottle of Pure Potent WOW!

Your nose knows!





Source of Rare Botanicals

Wild Crafter

With a deep respect and appreciation of nature,
we will blend the gifts of the forest, fauna, and farm
with our own creativity
so that we will contribute to the quality of life
for the wholistic health and well-being of all of us and our planet.
For this we are truly grateful.

~ Our Vision & Values Since 1995