Planting Seeds of Gratitude!


Thank you for being our Customer!

Throughout the spring of 2023, to show you our appreciation, we sent out flower seeds from our farm with orders shipped within Canada. We hope that these beautiful flowers are bringing you as much joy as they bring us throughout the growing season!


Sunflowers create boundless Joy! They make us smile. They flood us with joyful, flaming yellow happiness. They radiate beauty and celebrate the miracle of mother nature! Spend time staring into a sunflower and watching the bees and butterflies coming by on their daily flights… Delight in the simplest of symbiotic relationships between bees and flowers. Sunflowers also make a spectacular addition to a garden by attracting all kinds of pollinators!

Planting Instructions

After the risk of frost is over, sow seeds straight into the ground or into large pots and containers. Plant seeds individually 2-5cm deep and cover with a bit of soil, spacing 60cm apart. The closer you plant sunflowers the smaller the blooms will be. Seedlings germinate in 7-10 days. They are not fussy on the type of soil, but do need mainly sunny locations for best growth.

At the end of the season, don’t forget to save some of your own seeds to plant again next year! You will never have to buy sunflower seeds again!


One of the most eye catching flowers in the garden, marigolds intense colours really pop in a typical green garden. The humble marigold offers protection to all the plants around them. It is a natural pest control for many bugs. The scent of a marigold blossom is intoxicating and unique. Super easy to grow from seed and they germinate easily. A great flower for the beginner gardener. They also offer protection against many garden pests, such as slugs and hornworms!

Planting Instructions

Start in pots 6-8 weeks before last frost or direct sow 2 weeks after last frost. Scatter seeds on the ground and cover them with a thin layer of very fine soil. Many people start their marigold seeds indoors but they can also be planted directly into the soil. If you start indoors , you can transplant 4-6 weeks later. They love full sun.

Very low maintenance. Deadheading (popping off the dead flower heads) frequently, encourages brand new flower heads that just keep coming, making for bushier growth and bountiful blooms all summer! If you keep loving the little Marigolds they will love you right back, right up to the very first big frost event of October!

Don’t forget to save your own Marigold seeds in the fall by picking and drying some before the first big frost event. You can easily save enough Marigold seeds for the whole neighbourhood!

'Planting Seeds of Gratitude' ~ A Customer Appreciation Project