From Our Farm

From our farm in Naramata, we offer a selection of fresh organically grown botanicals, fruits, and vegetables. A labour of love… we grow, weed, and harvest everything by hand with the help of many big hearts!

Currently offering Fresh & Frozen Raspberries!

Minimum Order: $50
Freshly Picked $10/lb (while quantities last)
Frozen Fresh $9/lb

Ordering Instructions:

To place your order with us, you can:

Please let us know how many pounds you’d like and if you prefer Freshly Picked or Frozen Fresh. 

*NOTE: Minimum order is $50

Pick-up Instructions:

Our farm is located in Naramata. Once we connect with you, via phone or email, we’ll provide you with the exact address and will schedule a good pick-up time and date. Once you arrive, we’ll bring the raspberries to you!

Payment Options:

Cash or e-Transfer only.
Due at pick-up. If you’d like to pay beforehand, please send your e-Transer to

Submit Your Raspberry Request Online:

We are CRAZY about Raspberries!

Our super sized raspberry patch is overflowing with delicious & incredibly flavourful berries. Full of antioxidants and all of our childhood raspberry eating memories! Our Souris, Tulameen & Killarney varieties are organically grown & hand-picked by our team daily!