Our Essential Nature


Love your essential nature.

We do!

Each one of us is an amazing creative wonder with a capacity deep inside to do great works on this planet. We’re like pure essential oils. Full of mystery, magic and infinite creative resources, it is within us that our ultimate greatness lies. All of us are unique and full of potential; That is our essential nature!

It is our task to remember who we really are and to live from that place; shining our light and love and encouraging others to remember who they really are.

Follow your essential nature!

Our Essential Nature Philosophy

At the absolute core of our essential nature philosophy is our commitment; to live life appreciating and validating the amazing creative wonder and unique beauty that dwells within each individual, while at the same time extending that acknowledgment to the natural world our planet – Mother Earth that sustains our very existence.


Our Commitments

Organic, Wild, Select

In pursuit of WOW, we search the world for extraordinary & rare essential oils. Organic, Wild-crafted and Select Sources from passionate artisan distillers world wide.

Trusting Relationships

We develop trusting relationships with select growers and distillers that share our love of quality. We also work with a number of small community cooperatives in Africa and Europe. We are 100% committed to the authenticity of the products we offer.

Respect & Quality

The quality of the oil is determined by the health of the plant, the respect in handling the plants and the mastery of the distilling process; in the end conveying a sense of vitality and life force, what we call WOW!  Pure Potent WOW!

Since 1995, we've developed trusting relationships with Bees, Growers, Farmers, Cooperatives & Distillers!

Environmental Stewardship

We are passionate stewards of this land. We use sustainable farming methods to care and celebrate the awe and wonder of this tiny spot in the universe.

We are caretakers of this wondrous farm and its soil, water, air and all the creatures flying, crawling and running around our farm.

Regeneration of soil microbiome is key. We use compost to enrich and increase organic matter. We rotate crops whenever possible. Absolutely no chemical fertilizers or pesticides are allowed on the farm! To conserve water and reduce soil erosion, we use drip lines.

We plant trees to purify & protect our environment. We grow herbs & flowers that help attract pollinators and others deter pests for natural crop protection. With 12 hives, our field is full of very happy bees. We celebrate the drama of the food web playing out daily with eagles, snakes, birds, marmots and critters galore! We will continue to learn how to care for this land and the many lessons it holds for us all.

We respectfully acknowledge that our farm is located on the traditional and unceded territory of the Syilx Okanagan people. We are Blessed to be the Caretakers of this land.