Ethical & Environmental Standards

No Animal Testing – Cruelty-Free

We only test on ourselves, family & friends ….never on animals!

No Animal Testing at Pure Potent WOW! by Essential Nature Inc.

Always Earth Friendly

We use glass, metal and paper packaging for the majority of our products and we are actively phasing out all plastic packaging! We recycle, reuse, repurpose, and compost to make dirt & grow. We choose Certified Organic & Wild Crafted whenever possible.

Always Earth Friendly - Essential Nature Canada


You will never find any Genetically Modified Organisms in any of our products.
NO GMO in Pure Potent WOW! Essential Oils

100% Pure & Natural

There are NO chemicals allowed on our farm or in our lab. No synthetic fragrances or colours. We are paraben & phthalate free and use zero sodium lauryl or laureth sulphates. Completely perservative & dye free as well.
100 Percent All Natural Essential Oil Canada

Ethical Fair Trade

With a deep value of the land and a respect for all the people who grow, gather & create these precious botanicals. We cultivate long-term relations with our grower-partners, working with them for the development of sustainable management of wild plants & ethical purchasing policies that support the social and economic livelihood of the people involved in the production process.
Ethical Fair Trade Organic Essential Oil Canada

Sustainably Grown & Sourced

To ensure the sustainable procurement of raw materials, we source from a select group of partner companies that are committed to local innovative projects striving to operate ethically in relation to nature and humankind. We use Regenerative/Sustainable Farming practices with the plants we grow & distill on our farm.

Sustainably Sourced Essential Oil Canada

Vegetarian & Vegan

All of our products are 100% plant based & therefore vegetarian. We use sustainably-sourced beeswax in our healing balms. Beyond the healing balms with beeswax… the rest of our product line is 100% vegan.
Plant Based and Organic Essential Oils

BEE Safe Zone On Our Farm

We take a number of initiatives to support and protect bees and other pollinators native to our area. We ensure that our farm has something to offer each of the bees that are found here. Of course we never spray on our farm!
Bee Safe with Pure Essential Oils
Bees are safe on the Pure Potent WOW! Farm
Pesticide Free Zone at Essential Nature Inc.
Pesticide Free Farm at Essential Nature Inc.