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I love your product, I have all my kids hooked on the chest rub. I put it on my lips nightly. I'm glad I can order directly from you.
I LOVE and honestly can not live without your peppermint relief roll on. I must use it to cope at all with major daily pain due to cancer. I’ve become so dependent on them to help with pain ( I am allergic to most pharmaceutical pain relieves as well as other brands of oils I’ve tried), I keep the roll-ons stashed everywhere! The peppermint roll-ons were perfectly packaged and it was so sweet with the message and hearts 💕drawn on the box. Brightened my day!
I just received my order. All the hearts made my day! Thank you for the gift, it smells amazing. Thank you for the great oils too! I really love all the ones I have from you. Have a great day!
I got my order and love all the hearts you sent!! 😊 And thank you for the gift I truly appreciate it!! Have a great week!
I just wanted to send a quick note to thank you for the little gift you guys sent me! I’m excited to try the roll-on and the Balance blend looks amazing! What a sweet and timely gift. I really appreciate it, especially with all that’s been going on and this busy holiday season. Thank you!
Thanks! I just received my beautifully personalized package with thoughtful gift included today. 😊 What a lovely touch, especially in these challenging times. It is a pleasure to do businesses with you, and I wish you all the best,
Hi 😊 Just wanted to say that i received my order today and am super happy with the oils! i will be 100% recommending you to my friends and family.
Hi, I just wanted to Thank You for the oils that I received a couple of days ago. What a nice surprise to find the No More Thieves spray! Have a lovely weekend.
Thank you for the surprise No More Thieves Hand Spray in my order! It was appreciated and has already been put to great use!
Thank you for your quick and kind response. I received my bottle today and a bonus bottle of frankincense via courier today. ( So nice) That says a lot about your company and you as a valued employee. You have won over a very happy customer for life. It’s the small things that make the biggest differences in life, and for that I thank you again. Happy Holidays
I have received my order, thank you for the no thieves oil as well ! I really appreciate it and always wanted to get it actually. 😊 I was wondering if there was a link on your website that shows which stores carries your products as the store I usually get my oils from closed down. Thank you and have a great weekend.
Thanks so much Lisa. Thanks for the gift too. I enjoy your products so much. They are fab. Not sure what I would do without them. Thanks again and enjoy the rest of summer.
Hello! I received my order today and was at first perplexed. I thought a product was accidentally sent to me. However, to my surprise, it looks like your company gifted me a No More Thieves Hand Spray. That totally made my day! I have been purchasing Wow products for years and years, from our local Save-On foods, but this was my first online order. I also appreciated the hearts and warm messages on my order form. It brought a smile to my face. It has been a VERY difficult year for me family (and this has nothing to do with the C word) so any small (or in your case large) act of kindness goes a long way. I, too, work for a nature based company and I understand at the workshop, they often will do similar things. In store, we also gift people from time to time, when we see an appropriate need. Thank you once again! Enjoy your day!
Aww thanks so much for the gift 💖
Hi there! You had just what I had hoped for - travel kits and starter kits - I also picked up the chest rub, the hot flashes spray for my Momma and a bunch of oils. I’m honestly relieved to find products I can trust to use on my kids, and pass on as gifts to my family. My 6 year old had an earache today, your products did the trick within 10 minutes! Sincerely, A happy Momma
Good morning, I love your essential oils, the blends are amazing, and I can say it, studied Aromatherapy in Germany. Merry Christmas to you
As usual, I received fast, friendly service. You guys are awesome! Seeing that little pink heart on the packaging just brightens my day. I can’t wait to try the “Tick Me Off” roll-on. Perfect timing as my summer field work starts this weekend. Thanks for the gift!
Good morning I just received my shipping and was so happy to see the gift the hand spray no more thieves LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so so much!!! Enjoy your day!!
I have a dog with an auto-immune skin disease that causes her to erupt in lesions. Your lavender balm is the best thing going for repairing those scarred areas that get super dry after the lesion goes down. Don’t worry I am not putting it on broken skin. It is working to calm as an anti-inflammatory balm. A success story for your files! Take care
Amazing customer service. Just had my order delivered complete with little hearts on the package ❤ So much easier than searching the city and finding the items out of stock. Thank you very much!!
Lisa, just to let you know I received my oils today! I can pretend I am on a Walk in the Woods not quarantined in the house ~ Hahaha! Thank you so much for the speedy delivery! Stay safe and healthy
Hi Lisa. I received my order yesterday and was so delighted to receive the gift of No More Thieves! What a treat! I’m happy I’m able to order online as I really have a tough time finding the Rosehip Oil here is Victoria. Thank you for such fast, friendly service. I hope you’re all staying safe and healthy up in Naramata!
Hello my kind friends! The peppermint roll-ons were perfectly packaged and it was so sweet with the message and hearts drawn on the box. Brightened my day! Thank you so much again and I hope you’re all well! Best wishes
Hi Lisa, I got it, and thank you for the breatheasy! I always love the gift you throw in. Xoxo
Sorry for the delayed response, but I want to thank you for your speedy response in delivering my order and for the gift. I will be coming back to you once I run out of supplies. Cheers
Evening Lisa MY PACKAGE ARRIVED AND AAAAHHHHHH - I am in bliss! Your products are amazing quality and of course smell so beautiful. Well worth the wait, but most importantly - I cannot thank you enough for actually stopping to fill a tiny order & send it all the way to Australia. And the personal note, the flowers on my packaging - hands down the best moment of 2021’s lockdowns & depressing news here in Victoria. Absolutely worth the wait!!! Warm regards
Hello, Just wanted to say thank you for the Thieves Oil spray! Have a lovely weekend!
I already received this! And the bonus hand spray - thank you so much!! Will definitely be ordering again!
Thank you for sending No More Thieves oils as a gift! We will use and enjoy them for sure.
Hello, I received my package today (so quick!!) and just wanted to say thank you so much for the hand written note and the bonus gift of the no more thieves hand spray! Also, the box decorated with hearts brought huge smiles to my kids’ faces (and mine). THANK YOU! I have bought your peppermint relief blend for my migraines for the past 20 is the only thing that works and brings me comfort. I have always bought in store but it’s great to know that your online service is exceptional as well! Take care
Thanks Lisa! Your rose essential oil is the best! I adore it! Have a great day!
Awesome, thank you so much Lisa! Thank you so much for your amazing service! I love your tag lines each one made me smile!! Keep Well!!
Hi Lisa / Pure Potent WOW! - Received my order very quickly and everything is great! Thanks so much for the excellent service and the hand spray gift. I loved the hand-drawn art on the shipping label as well. Take care
Thank you SO much for your email. Yes, my order were arrived yesterday!! I love peppermint and spearmint. Especially Lemon and Eur I love it very much. Again, I will order again for Xmas gift and let you know which one I will order. Once again, thank you for your support.
Hi, I've wanted to contact you since I discovered your products many years ago, but here I am finally. I love your products (and own way too many of them) but I do not love your labels. When I first saw the label, my instant reaction was that the brand was cheap. So I bought another brand. Then circumstances arose where I found a scent I loved and research told me it was a blend of two of your blends - couldn't make on my own. So I bought those blends - and fell in love and bought more and lived those and now I only buy your products and i tell everyone. And when they too question the label, I tell them it isn't indicative of the quality. You may have reached the point in your products growth where the label is no longer a hindrance, and to some degree I hope so because I now enjoy the whimsy of it. But I'm a die hard fan, and not someone exploring. Best
Thank you so much for the very quick service! I got my oils delivered just now! I appreciate the ease of this as I was on my last drops of Peppermint Roll-On, you have made my whole month! Warmest Regards
Thank you Lisa! Your peppermint relief oil is the BEST for migraines! Have a great day!
Thanks so much for our holiday gifts! It is much appreciated and really so kind and generous of y’all there! Thank-you and happy new year!
I received my order! Thank you! And thank you for the bonus thieves hand spray! I’m loving it! Have a great day!
Just got my Well Being delivered this morning!!! I am soooooo very happy I have this in my life again 🙂 Thank you for the gift no more thieves hand spray!! Be Well Stay safe
Thank you Lisa ... I use it daily and just realized I did not have another mister in storage and my local supplier, is out of it!!! I have been addicted to it for years... Looking forward to this all being over and we are able to return. Stay safe and CV free ... Cheers
I just got my package, thank you so much for the gift and the lovely wishes, notes and sunshine - I LOVE it!

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